homemade music, mix and sound design

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By George! Audio is a professional music and audio post-production service founded and operated by award-winning mixing engineer, music composer and sound designer, George Miata. For over 10 years, George has leveraged his unique approach to producing high quality audio into partnerships with the full spectrum of entertainment and experience. Trusted by the world’s biggest brands (Nike, BBC Studios, Disney, Mercedes Benz, Netflix) and the cultural ground-zero of the independent film and music scene, George has leaned on homegrown roots, academic training at SAE, and his own intuition as a multi-instrumentalist to bring the full intent of global productions to life.

During the pandemic George worked with John Krasinski and his team for the special achievement Webby-awarded Some Good News, where he provided original music for the biggest accidental hit of 2020, blending the premium quality expected by the stars with a grassroots approach to production that made the series a success.